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Rajshahi Gadget Hub is one of the most trusted and the most popular Online and Offline stores of Eco-Products, Gadgets, smartphones, laptops, PC Components in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. We started our Journey on 10 December 2018. We really care about our customer satisfaction. Quality is our main priority. We are offering our customers the best price with the best after-sales service. 

Warranty Policies: 

  1. The customer will bear the transportation cost/delivery cost for any warranty/service-related issues.
  2. The quality of the product depends on the manufacturer. You cannot return a product if you don’t like the quality.
  3. In Case of any defect due to careless use such as getting wet in water, breaking, burning, injury, scratch mark, etc it will not be covered by warranty.

Company Warranty:

Official products come with an official warranty. You can see their warranty policies from their official website. If you purchased an official product you can get that warranty. You can claim that warranty from us. Also, you can go to their servicing centre to claim that warranty. You must bring the full box of the product, the warranty sticker and the memo with the product.  

7 Days Replacement Warranty :

  1. The common 7 days product warranty that comes with a purchase is basically the manufacturer’s warranty. If you found any problem you should inform us as soon as possible. The warranty covers any defects caused by mechanical or electrical failures. The coverage is limited and it doesn’t include any accidental damage to your products.
  2. Packet Damage or Product Scratch is not capable of replacement.
  3. You must bring the full box of the product, the warranty sticker and the memo with the product.
  4. Any delay beyond 7 days will result in no return or replacement.
  5. After reaching that product in our hands, normally replacement time 3 to 7 days. Sometimes it may take longer depending on the stock. If for any reason we fail to deliver the product, the full amount of the product will be refunded. (Refund time 3-7 days)

Pre-order :

You have to pay an advance 50% of your product for Pre-order. You can also pay the full amount of your product. We will call you to give an estimated date of delivery. If we fail to deliver for any reason, you will get your advance taka refund. The price of the pre-order product may change slightly‌.

Data Protection:

Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall therefore only use your name and other information which we will only collect information where it is necessary for us to do so and we will only collect information if it is relevant to our dealings with you.

For more information regarding the terms and conditions of service or if you have any queries or concerns you can contact us for any questions about terms and conditions.

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