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Haylou TWS T17 Sports Bluetooth Earphone – Black

Professional Sport Earhooks
Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0
aptX+AAC Dual HD Audio Coding
30H Long Battery Life
IPX7 Waterproof

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Haylou T17

TWS Bluetooth Sport Earphones
Comfortable Listening
Relaxing Running
Professional Sport Earhooks
Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0
aptX+AAC Dual HD Audio Coding
30H Long Battery Life
IPX7 Waterproof

Haylou T17 True wireless earphones with active noise cancellation


Secure-fit for Workouts

Never Get Tired of Listening

Anti-slip Earhooks
Professional memory ear hooks

Bluetooth 5.0
Imported Qualcomm chip

Dual HD Audio Coding

Professional waterproof

Wearing Detection
Smart infrared light sensor

Pop-up Animation
Haylou exclusive APP

Wireless Charging
30H long battery life

Double call noise cancellation

Professional Memory
Anti-slip Earhooks

Ideal Companion for Strenuous Workouts
The professional memory anti-slip ear hook with a 15° inward tilt is specially designed for sports. It is stable, comfortable, and not slippery when sweating, and will not fall off during strenuous exercise.

Pressure-free wearing

Stay for sports

Haylou T17 Professional Memory Anti-slip Earhooks

IPX7 Professional Waterproof

Fend off Sweat, Water, and Rain
Haylou T17 can effectively prevent sweat and rain from damaging the earphone components and easily cope with high-intensity sports and special outdoor situations with a professional waterproof rating.

Haylou T17 IPX7 Professional Waterproof

Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0

Extraordinary Genes
All-round Performance Improvement
Haylou T17 offers faster transmission and lower power consumption with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip. Meanwhile, it reduces the conflict between WiFi and 4G networks to a lower level. Enjoy music and games better without dropouts.

Audio chip giant
Global professional quality

Bluetooth 5.0
Faster and more stable

Haylou T17 Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0

Dual HD Audio Coding

Immersive Listening Experience
Conquer Picky Ears in 1S
Haylou T17 truly restores the details of the music. It brings an immersive listening experience with Qualcomm’s patented aptX. Both iOS and Android systems can access the excellent sound brought by AAC.

Qualcomm aptX audio coding It brings lossless Hi-Fi sound quality

AAC HD audio coding Compatible with iOS and Android

Haylou T17 aptX+AACDual HD Audio Coding

Exclusive APP
+ Pop-up Animation

Explore More with Smart APP
Haylou T17 gets a powerful APP. When you open the lid, the earbuds will automatically connect in seconds, and variable functions such as EQ tuning and custom buttons are waiting for you to explore.

EQ tuning

Custom buttons

Search for earbuds

Check battery
*The pop-up window is only compatible with Android phones

Haylou T17 Exclusive APP + Pop-up Animation

30H Long Battery Life

Strong Endurance Energy
Lasting beyond Imagination

The earphones can be used for 6 hours when fully charged, and total battery life is up to 30 hours using the charging case.

Haylou T17 is an energetic companion for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, traveling, etc.

Haylou T17 30H Long Battery Life

Master-slave Switch

Reject Delays and Disconnects
Use Either Earbud as You Like
Dual-channel transmission brings stable connection and reduces delay. The left and right earphones can also be switched seamlessly. Turning off one of them does not affect the use of the other.
Ordinary wireless Bluetooth earbuds perform Bluetooth transmission from left to right earbud.

Haylou wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Haylou T17 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds synchronize Bluetooth transmission between left and right ears.

Haylou T17 Master-slave Switch

*When connecting for the first time, the two hosts of the TWS+ dual-channel need to be paired. See the manual for details.

Dual Noise Cancellation

Anytime and Anywhere, Face-to-face Calling
DSP and CVC dual noise cancellation allows both you and the other party to listen more clearly. Even if you are in a noisy environment, you can enjoy free and crystal clear talking.

DSP noise canceling
You can listen more clearly

CVC noise canceling
The other party can listen more clearly

Haylou T17 DSP+CVC Dual Noise Cancellation

Free Options

Wired and Wireless Charging

Haylou T17 supports wireless charging and saves the trouble of looking for a data cable. Also, you can use Type-C for fast charging.

*The user needs to purchase a wireless charger.

Wireless charging
Put down to charge

Type-C interface
Fast charging

Haylou T17 Wired and Wireless Charging

Touch Control Operation

Multifunctions All at Your Fingers
Summon Voice Assistant Anytime
Haylou T17 has simplified the operation with one-click to control music, call, and other functions quickly. Tap any earbud three times to wake up the voice assistant and voice navigation, and check information.
Play/pause music
Click 1 time on any earbud or put on/take off the earbud
Answer/end call
Click 1 time on any earbud
Reject call
Long press for 1.5s
Previous song
Click 2 times on L
Next song
Click 2 times on R
Summon voice assistant when standby
Click 3 times on any earbud

Haylou T17 Touch Control Operation

Wearing steps

First, put on

Haylou T17 Wearing step 1

Insert the ear cap into the ear canal
Then hang

Haylou T17 Wearing step 2

Hang the silicone ear pad behind your ear
Finally, twist

Haylou T17 Wearing step 3

Hold the fuselage to rotate backward, adjust to a stable and comfortable position


Haylou T17
Wearing Type
Earbud weight
Earbud size
75 x 75 x 41.5 mm
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity
Earbud: 55 mAh
Charging box: 600 mAh
Charging time
2-3 hours
Type-C / Wireless charging
Music time
About 30 hours
Package  Included
1 x Haylou T17 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x English Manual

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